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All software on this web site, unless otherwise indicated, is freeware, copyrighted by the original authors of the program, can be copied and distributed in their original forms freely. The software is distributed as is, with no warranties expressed or implied that the operation of the software will be uninterrupted or error free. You assume responsibility for the selection of software to meet your intended results and take all responsibility in the use of the software. By downloading any of the software you agree to the license agreement(s) on our licensing page.

Sorry, Public Web Browser version 1 is no longer available for public download. Public Web Browser version 2 is an inexpensive alternative to the freeware version that offers a much more stable and flexible browser. You can download PWB v2 for evaluation. The only limitations is the <unregistered> in the title bar and a 10 minute activity timer. If you need to fully explore PWB in a production environment, you can email and she can provide you with a 30 day evaluation license.

Public Web Browser files

Public Web Browser v3
February 2, 2016
PWB v3.04.5 basic (CEF) Chrome Rendering Engine
PWB v3.04.5 basic (IE) Internet Explorer Rendering Engine

How do I install PWB version 3?
You need at least Windows Vista to use PWB v3. 

Public Web Browser v2
Version 2.11.9
December 5, 2013

How do I install PWB v2?

Please note: You should use the 32 bit version of PWB unless you have a specific need for the 64 bit version as the 64 bit version of PWB will use the 64 bit version of Internet Explorer. Windows uses the 32 bit version of Internet Explorer by default. 

PWB v3 INI Updater.
Will update any PWB INI file to the current PWB v3 version.
PWB Graphical INI Editor for PWB v2.11.
Will update your current INI file to the current PWB v2 version.

Opt Into Windows XP SP2 Security Features.
For PWB v2.09 or older.

PWB v2.11.5 or newer add-ons
PWB drop in for native support of the elog web site.

PWB v2.05 or newer add-ons
Selectively disabled Ctrl-Esc, the Windows key, Start Menu, Desktop, and Task Tray, for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
Resets PWB inactivity timer from while any application has the focus.
Writes date, time, and computer name, to log file when PWB starts.
Closes Application windows by activation or focus. Can be used to prevent IE downloads by closing "File Download" window.
Disabled Alt-Tab and Alt-Esc for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
Disabled Ctrl-Esc, the Windows key, and hides the Start Menu button for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
Interacts with the Kick-Off System from Sophisticated Circuits

June 22, 2007
Checks address against URL filter. Useful for trouble shooting and optimizing your URL filter file.

Version 1.05
October 29, 2010
Sets Public Web Browser as default web browser.

SetPWB for Windows 7
Version 1.00.1
September 11, 2012
Sets Public Web Browser as default web browser in Windows 7.

Version 1.00
November 10, 2003
A small application to update the PWB License number. Includes default settings for license number, and INI file location. Can also set/unset hidden and read only attributes on INI file.

Version: 1.00
July 14, 2003
Small console application to enter PWB registration number in the INI file of a previously registered version.

Version 1.03.1
March 2, 2011
Concept Internet Explorer Browser Helper Object (BHO) that closes IE when it is opened to web site.

Sends PWB v2 the WM_CLOSE message to close the PWB Windows. can be used as a shell button.

PB Stop v1.00
Causes PWB to stop running, can be used as a shell button.
Written by Bill Tantzen from the University of MN.

For use on Windows 9x systems missing the OLEACC.DLL file.
Download and unzip to the PWB folder.

Security Utilities

March 17, 2007
Simple to use auto restart application. AutoRestart restarts specified applications and terminates unresponsive applications.

Version: v1.3.1.7
December 19, 2008
HideGUI hides the Windows NT/2000/XP Graphical User Interface (GUI), and disables selective key combinations.

ProxyChoice enables or disables the proxy. Can be used in the PWB startup script to give patrons a choice between filtered and non-filtered access.

CloseAll v1.00
Small utility to close all Windows.

PrintQueue v1.00
Displays the default print queue on Windows NT, 2K, XP systems.
Helpful as a shell button when using PWB as the Windows Shell.

Dialog with countdown timer.
When time expires several configurable actions can be taken.
See ReadMe for details.

CloseActive v1.01
Closes active window, can be used as PWB shell button.

September 26, 2006
Auto logon for Windows NT/2000/XP.

LogOff v1.02
Logs the current user off, can be used as a PWB shell button.

Application Launch v1.01
Displays a configurable policy dialog box with agree and disagree buttons. When policy is agreed to, an application is launched.

Clears IE cache files including cookies. Includes command line switches to hide the dialog, disable the cancel button, and keep the cookies or history.

TMail (MailTo replacement)
Version: 1.03
March 09, 2007
Simple email client with build in security features.
Can be used for Send To for PWB v2.03 or higher send to option.

Send Comment
Version: 1.03
December 2, 2002

Secure Word Pad Editor
Version: 1.00
January 10, 2007

PWB v2 unregistered version:
The unregistered version of PWB v2 has two limitations. A hard coded 10 minute activity timer, and "<unregistered>" appears in the title bar. Please refer to the licensing page for license information. The registration license number will only be good for the length of time you have purchased, once this time expires PWB will revert back to unregistered and a new license number will need to be obtained.

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