Error "Public Web Browser has stopped working"

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Error "Public Web Browser has stopped working"

Postby Swolin » Mon Feb 13, 2017 11:29 am

Hello All,

I recently started working remote support for a city library and they are using PWB v2 (2.11.9, I think). We have it running on 10-12 workstations and as of today 2 of them are having this issue.

When launching PWB, the browser immediately crashes and we get the error message "Public Web Browser has stopped working".

When logging in with an account with administrative privilege, I can launch the app fine with no crashing that I've seen yet. I believe they are just using local machine accounts for patron access and where the 2 workstations are having issues.

I searched around on the forums here but related posts were many years old. Any new info on this error? Do we need to upgrade to the latest version? If so, are there instructions on how to do that?

Update: we can get it to launch intermittently by doing nothing more than trying again and again. Also appears to be crashing more often than not while logged in with the aforementioned admin account.

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Re: Error "Public Web Browser has stopped working"

Postby Scott » Mon Feb 13, 2017 2:08 pm

If all 12 computers are setup the same, and 2 are having an issue, it would indicate there is a problem with the 2. PWB v2 uses Internet Explorer for all its HTML rendering, it may be Internet Explorer is corrupt, the user profile is corrupt, or possible a virus on the 2 computers.

What is the home page? Does the home page use Flash? You may need to update the Flash Software on the 2 computers having the crashing issues.


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